Anoo - Sinipiika


aNoo, the Belgian group of the Finnish leading lady Anu Junnonen is proud to release its newest album. The second album of the young Finnish singer Anu Junnonen is named after the Finnish forest fairy Sinipiika. Anu fearlessly combines her Finnish tradition with electronic pop-jazz songs.

For this album Anu Junnonen has worked with top class producer Werner Pensaert.
Electronical sounds were created by
Zorko Opacic. DJ Buscemi delivered an amazing remix of the album song ‘Sunday’.

The album is drenched in a magical and original instrumentation of accordion and trombone, double bass and drums together with electronic sounds and an amazing voice.

The songs are adventurous and they’re about harbors and train stations, cups and kettles, love and longing, greedy old ladies and forest fairies. 

Also available on iTunes