Buscemi - Sol Y Suave (CD)


Buscemi has been making music since 1996: ‘Dance music with a warm feel’ is probably the best description for his sound.

The master of the exotic music blend of house, lounge, jazz, latino & drum'n bass brings us yet again another perfect summer soundtrack. On 'Sol Y Suave' Buscemi creates an exciting blend of deep house and Balkan sounds. 

Tracklist ‘Sol Y Suave’:

1. A Gozar (feat. MC Bantu)
2. Gagarin (feat. Eline)
3. Goin' Worldwide
4. This Is Bossa Nova
5. Cheio De Certezas (feat. Aline Lua)
6. Il Mondo Attraverso Gli Occhiali (feat. Luigi Catalano)
7. The Way You Talk To Me (feat. Bovarii)
8. Sol Y Suave
9. Ghetto B (feat. Favela Squad)
10. S Amor (feat. Joyce)
11. On The Run (feat. Kyoko)          
  total time: 42 mins