GrooveTHing - THe love album


GrooveTHing consists of Jef Neve (not on the piano, but this time on the Hammond B3 Organ) and saxophonist Nicolas Kummert. In addition to these passionate Belgian jazz musicians the other half of the this quartet consists of Nicolas Thys on bass and the currently in New York residing Lieven Venken on drums. Together they form GrooveTHing in which the musical terms funky and groovy wear high priority.

The album features own compositions by the four members of GrooveTHing as well as a catchy version of 'Song 41' by Marco Locurcio, great groovy tunes and some beautiful ballads. On “The Love Album” you'll experience the feel of the live concert, and as GrooveTHing themselves warn : “Dancing is not forbidden, wiggling might be unavoidable”

Also available on iTunes